VP Tells All: The Winter Semi-Formal

Friday, January 19th from 7:30 to 9:30 is the school semi-formal. Though historically, St. Luke’s school dances have had underwhelming turnout, the excitement around this year’s dance and the previous success of the dance committee looks promising. This year the committee hopes to change the reputation of dances.dj

Last year’s semi-formal struggled to garner interest as only a handful of students attended. The crowd was so small that the attendees worried they had been punked. Eventually, the Parent’s Association got involved complaining that the dance was not receiving enough attention. In response, the student council created the dance committee, a group led by the Vice President and comprised of two students from each grade.

As vice president, I have made it my goal to make the dance a fun and memorable event. I’m a perfect intermediary between the student body and the executive board, meaning that I will incorporate other students ideas while staying on budget and within reason.

The homecoming dance was the dance committee’s first event. We tried to revamp the dance with a photo booth and candy bar. The committee recruited Dylan Johnson aka (DJ)2 as our DJ and saw very positive results. We knew our main battle would be the negative reputation of school dances, but we felt that many of our improvements and the publicity before the event helped to combat that reputation. We also used body paint and blue light to encourage students to dance, have fun and take pictures with friends. Despite our concerns the dance was an overwhelming success; we had the biggest turn out in St. Luke’s history and I received a lot of positive feedback.

As the 19th approaches, the dance committee aims to create another night of fun with a sizeable attendance. Once again the dance will only be as enjoyable as the upper school makes it. So St. Luke’s students, please do you and your peers a favor and come to the winter semi-formal!

Sophia Feldman ’18, Staff Writer

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