Update On The New Wing

This week, the Sentinel took a trip to the new wing. We had a personal tour led by the incredible CFO of St. Luke’s, Mrs. Gabriele, and the project manager, Kristine Ba. Though it is still under construction, the general structure is finished and, with the help of some visual aids, we could really see how amazing this new space will be. The wing has four stories, complete with new spaces for humanities, art, computer science, and a maker’s lab. This is not to mention the beautiful new two floor library, with a cafe that overlooks the trees. The best part of this new eating area is that it will be reserved for Upper School students and have plenty of new places to spend free time. Additionally, with large, open windows on all sides of the wing, the space takes advantage of the often-overlooked views behind the school.


The new wing will have a lot more collaborative spaces, which is something that St. Luke’s is currently lacking. There are also various different types of study spaces- from individual cubicles to tables and private rooms.


As part of construction, the Upper Field will get an update, as it will be completely turfed and will have a new Alumni pavilion where events will take place. With the new wing, we will also say goodbye to old structures. Mr. Davis’ former home, which is currently housing equipment for facilities, will be knocked down. For all those who may be nostalgic about leaving our current art house, it will become the new storage area for facilities and a space for parent meetings and events.

Suffice to say, this new wing will be a great addition!

-Claire Wilson, Co-Editor in Chief and Ripley Goodwyn, Editor of Just 4 Fun

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