Humanities Wing Construction Update

Sophia Feldman ’18, Staff Writer 

The St. Luke’s community is buzzing with the news that the school has decided to go forth on their decision to enhance the school facilities by adding a new Humanities wing. The Sentinel sat down with Scott Hobbs, a member of the Board of Trustees, to discuss the building’s features, and how the addition will impact students and faculty.

The new building will add 26,000 square feet and an additional 12,000 square feet will be renovated. The Humanities wing will hold eight new classrooms on two levels. Mr. Hobbs says it will appear “just like the US Science wing.” Below these classrooms will be a Fabrication Laboratory where students will be able to research and create a wide range of new projects using 3D printing and metal fabrication. The southern area of the new wing will include a new library that spans two floors, a café, and two flexible classrooms. The library’s first floor will still hold books and research tools. The second floor will have open study spaces for students.  In speaking about the appearance of the library, Mr. Hobbs stated, “The new library will be on the southeast end of the building.  It will be on two levels with expansive, natural light from a two-story curtain wall window and large skylight.” The upper level of the wing will house two new Upper School Art classrooms, and the lower level will house two new Middle School Art classrooms.

The construction is set to begin over spring break. By starting in the spring, the school will hopefully erect most of the steel by summer, therefore minimizing traffic disruptions. The building is scheduled to open by the fall of 2018.

Once the new art rooms are completed, the old art house will be knocked down. This should happen by late summer 2018 or early in that fall.

On the subject of parking, the new construction will use the upper field as a means for staging and parking. The school has set aside a temporary parking area for 30 faculty members. After construction is complete, the parking situation will remain the same.


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