The Wilson Report: World Series Predictions

Claire Wilson ’18, Sports Editor 

If you are not caught up on what’s going on in baseball right now, it’s game 6 of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Even for people that are not into baseball, this event is pretty historically significant. Many know that the Chicago Cubs have a reputation for having gone the longest time since their last World Series win.

The last time they won the World Series was in 1908. A lesser known fact, however, is that the Cleveland Indians are behind the Cubs for longest Series drought. As a result, this will be a monumental and record breaking World Series for one of the teams.

Since this the beginning of year’s series, the Chicago Cubs have lost three out of five of the series games. This losing streak put the team in a tough spot. Before the crucial game on Sunday, the Indians were up by 2 games and 1 game away from winning the World Series.

In classic Cubs fashion, the Cubs turned on their offense and pulled a 3-2 win in a game that was too close for most Cubs fans. Informed baseball fans will note, however, that this game took place at Cubs field, indicating a major homefield advantage. Now, the series rests at 3-2 with the Indians still 1 away from winning the World Series. To make matters worse, the game is at the Indian’s home stadium.

With the odds seemingly stacked against them, I still believe that the Cubs will win the World Series for three reasons: Aroldis Chapman, Javier Baez, and the pennant race. Aroldis Chapman is the impeccable closer for the Cubs, who was traded to the Cubs from the Yankees. His average pitch speed is over 100 mph and his control of the ball is unmatched. The Cubs manager Joe Maddon knows exactly how to use Chapman to his advantage and he has been a great asset to this team.

The second contributing factor is Javier Baez, who is the 2nd basemen for the Cubs. Though he has been offensively lacking in the World Series so far, he has been instrumental in stopping Cleveland’s steal-happy offense. The Indians rely heavily on their ability to steal and with Baez’s abilities, this will seriously prevent the Indians’ offense from thriving.

The final reason is that the Cubs tend to keep their fans on their toes as shown in the Pennant race, where they were down by 3 games to 1 and still ended up pulling out the win. So, although it very well could be all over after tonight’s game for this historical team, something tells me that the winning parade will be in Chicago this year.

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