The Elephant in The Room

Georgia Rosenberg ‘19, World News Editor

It all started with Harvey Weinstein. As countless accusers came forward with accusations of sexual assault against the acclaimed Hollywood producer, women across the country and in different professional fields were motivated to do the same. While these women may all be coming forward now, they are simply revealing a cultural crisis that has been a part of our society since the beginning of time.

This cultural disease seems to plague all industries. Whether in Hollywood, news, television or on Capitol Hill, men have evidently been abusing their power and societal superiority in order to subordinate women. It seems as though there’s a new accusation every day. Just under a week ago, acclaimed news anchor Matt Lauer was terminated from his job at NBC due to allegations of sexual assault. While these accusations continue to surface, there is one elephant in the room who seems to escape all the madness.

What about our president?

According to a CNN report, 11 women have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct. These allegations surfaced before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election – and they continue to surface today. It is truly baffling that these allegations are not being discussed more prevalently. While other men on Capitol Hill, including Representative John Conyers and Senator Al Franken, have been encouraged to apologize and take responsibility for their actions, it seems as though Donald Trump has been able to peacefully avoid the many allegations against him.

But the president is not above the law.

And yet, recent actions make it seem as though he is. How is it possible that countless men are continuously condemned for their horrific actions and still, Donald Trump, who has more allegations against him than most of these men, continues to remain untouched?

Though unsurprising, Trump’s recent actions have not reflected moral character. Trump recently declared his support for Republican candidate Roy Moore, who is running for senator of  Alabama. According to ABC, eight women have charged Moore with allegations of sexual misconduct, and several of them claim that Moore assaulted them when they were as young as 14 years old. Though Trump and many other Republicans originally claimed that they would let the people of Alabama decide the results of the election, Trump has now pledged his support for Moore, and the RNC has vowed to do the same. Trump and a majority of his fellow Republicans have simply sacrificed dignity and morality in the name of the party.

While some may argue that these women may not be telling the truth, this is highly unlikely. These women are incredibly credible, and, it is important to remember that they are sacrificing their own reputations in coming out and telling their story. It is not an easy subject to discuss, and it can be incredibly difficult for a woman to retell a tragic moment in her life. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, on average, about 2% of all sexual assault allegations end up being false. Simply claiming that these women are not telling the truth is a faulty argument. I challenge those who feel this way to watch the tears streaming down the faces of these women as they recount these tragic moments.

This is an incredibly important conversation for our nation to be having. Our time is now.

It’s time to hold Trump accountable.

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