SLS Trash Bins Get a Lift

Claire Wilson ’18, Sports Editor 

The Sustainability club is rolling out new measures to help St. Luke’s reduce its waste. The Sentinel sat down recently with senior David Ball, who co-founded of the club, to talk about their recycling bin stickers that will “make more recycling bins as opposed to trash bins and let people know what you can put in the recycling bins”. David and Jack Megrue, the other co-founder of the Sustainability club, wanted a cost effective way to make St. Luke’s more sustainable.


“We came up with this idea because we saw that there was a lot of waste going on, people weren’t recycling, not because they didn’t want to but because there weren’t recycling bins around,” David explained, “So, if there’s a trash bin right next to you, most people won’t go searching for the recycling bin they’ll just throw it in the trash.” This understandably creates a lot of waste, which could otherwise be recycled.


The pair originally wanted to purchase extra recycling bins, but after talking with Mrs. Gabriele and Mr. Heron, they realized that St. Luke’s had single stream recycling, meaning that “it would be a lot easier and more cost effective to put stickers on and repurpose bins as opposed to buying new ones”. David explained how single stream recycling works, “you can put everything into one recycling bin except for food and electronics.” From there, the waste is shipped to a plant, where a machine sorts the recycling for you.


Starting in the next few weeks, David and Jack will be putting their custom made stickers on certain trash bins to create both more recycling bins and educate the St. Luke’s community about the single stream recycling system. This will encourage all students to think about the environment and do their part in reducing waste.


About the real world incentive for participating in recycling reform, David states, “there’s a lot of environmental problems going on in our world right now. We’ve made other efforts to create programs to make St. Luke’s more sustainable, but this is the project that we figured would be the most feasible and effective right now.”


For David and Jack, the inspiration for their passion for the environment came after their semester at the island school. David’s passion is evident, as he is able to relay startling facts that show how important it is for the world as a whole to reduce its waste. For example, David explains, “Every minute a dump truck worth of trash is dumped into the ocean. As a result, there is an island twice the size of Texas of trash in the middle of the pacific ocean. The average American uses about 4.4 pounds of trash every day.”


The St. Luke’s community looks forward to a day where harmful waste is eliminated completely, but until then, the Sustainability clubs stickers are moving us in the right direction.

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