Sentinel’s Guide To Binging Black Mirror

If you haven’t heard of the new Netflix series “Black Mirror”, then you have been living under a rock. Even worse, if you know about it and still haven’t watched it, you are seriously missing out. In this article, we reveal our top ten episode choices of this interesting, thought-provoking, and addictive series.

For newbies, Black Mirror is basically a collection of episodes all made by the creator, Charlie Brooker. All are unrelated in storyline, characters, and time period. One episode might take place today, while another takes place 500 years in the future, with different casts, and no relation between storylines (however if you look really close you might find some overlap… wink, wink). The overlying theme of them all is technology and how the world might be in the future due to technology. This “Twilight Zone”-esque series will hook you immediately and make you aware of the effects of technology in our lives and in our future.  

So, if you don’t want to commit yourself to the entire series (though you really should) here are our top picks:

10.) Shut up and Dance – Season 3, Episode 3

This is an episode that can relate to your current life in the scariest way possible. Taking place today, a young man named Kenny finds himself in a deep dilemma after an anonymous person hacks into his computer camera and threatens to reveal his deepest secret. As Kenny follows the directions of the anonymous threatener, he finds himself losing all aspects of his humanity.


  • great because it was so easy to imagine it happening to anyone today and creeped us out, with an insane ending


  • we didn’t love it because it was quite dull and lacked futuristic qualities, plus protagonist was very dislikeable

9) Men against fire – Season 3, Episode 5

If you are interested in the military and how technology might affect it in the future, this episode will be super interesting for you! The episode follows a man named Stripe in the military of the future that uses a form of technology to help the soldiers mass murder without losing humanity by making them see people as large, scary creatures. Stripe’s own experiences start to change; however, when the program begins to fail on him and he realizes who they are all actually killing.


  • sheds light on an interesting view of how the military and technology could interact and the military’s purpose in society
  • easy to sympathize with the main character


  • found the ending to be quite anticlimactic and dissatisfying, as many Black Mirror episode endings can feel. Though we can appreciate this in some cases, here it wasn’t effective

8.) Arkangel – Season 4, Episode 2

This episode perfectly captures every teenager’s worst fear -with a futuristic twist.  A child gets lost in the park for a few hours, causing her mother to stress about her child’s safety. The ordeal resulted in the mother placing a chip into her daughters head, allowing her to not only track her, but see, hear, and filter everything she does.


  • interesting, believable topic and intelligently thought through


  • frustrating at times, bad ending

7.) White bear – Season 2, Episode 2

If you are looking for an insane plot twist and surprising ending, this episode is for you. A girl wakes up in an unknown place and remembers nothing about her life. As she tried to discover who and where she is, she encounters people who are following her and refuse to talk to her. The ending is something you will never expect.


  • scary and mysterious, as well as the surprise and well thought out ending


  • a bit graphic and confusing at times

6.) White Christmas – Season 2, Episode 4

Only watch this episode if you want your mind absolutely blown. This episode follows three different stories that all link together into one narrative. It’s safe to say this is one of the scariest episodes in the series, but not for the reasons you may think. The future seems awfully bleak, stripped of privacy, ethical rights, and basic humanity. This episode will leave you thinking for days.


  • mind blowing and thought-provoking, as well as really great acting and mysteries revealed


  • very long episode that was a bit boring at times

5.) San Junipero – Season 3, Episode 4

One of the cutest episodes of the season, although it may not make sense at first. Two women, seemingly living in multiple time periods, fall in love. The reality of their love takes a futuristic turn as the episode progresses, and the ending will leave you feeling both happy and a little creeped out.


  • amazing love story and interesting idea for the future


  • hard to understand (you might need to watch it twice to fully understand) and a bit anticlimactic

4.) Hang the DJ – Season 4, Episode 4

Black Mirror captures every hopeless romantics dream in less than an hour. It follows the story of two people navigating a futuristic dating program with the hope of finding their perfect match. As the episode progresses, the restrictions of the system become ever more prevalent, leaving our two characters questioning the legitimacy of it.


  • the unexpected ending and the jovial theme throughout


  • not always that interesting

3.) Be Right Back – Season 2, Episode 1

If you are looking for a bit of a heartbreaker, this episode is for you. In this episode, a woman named Martha faces one of the hardest times of her life when her boyfriend dies in a car accident. As she deals with the great depression of her loss, a friend suggests a new piece of technology that allows Martha to connect with her late love.


  • amazing acting and easy to relate to what she goes through


  • underwhelming ending that was a bit dragged out

2.) Black Museum – Season 4, Episode 6

If you’re looking for an episode that will creep you out and concern you for the future of medical advanced, this episode is for you. One day a girl pulls over at a gas station and finds an abandoned museum. As she enters, the owner takes her on a tour of his many failed medical experiments and the stories of the people behind him. As the tour goes on, the girl starts to find out just how mysterious and dark the Black Museum really is.


  • very intense and creepy


  • almost a little too scary and, at times, was a bit gory

1.) Nosedive – Season 3, Episode 1

If you’re addicted to social media you should probably watch this. Lacie is a young woman living in a world in which everyone is rated based on a five-star system. She, along with vast majority of the population, is obsessed with getting a good rating. The episode reflected on the artificiality of today’s society and even further, that of our future.


  • Very realistic, seemed like an extreme version of today’s dependency on social media and touched on a lot of current societal issues


  • A bit long and the main character was annoying at times


Staff Writers, Susanna Montgomery ’19 and Michael Pizzani ’19


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