River Monsters: The Final Season

Byron Duncan 17, Staff Writer

The light in my life that has been burning bright for 9 years is about to go out. A paragon of modern entertainment, Animal Planet’s hit television program’s River Monsters is entering its final season. The timeless classic follows Jeremy Wade, a scientist and angler, on his many adventures across the globe to catch and catalog large and dangerous freshwater fish species. His journey has taken him to shocking places such as the Congo, where he caught the Goliath Tigerfish, a fish that is legendary and feared in local cultures for its speed ferocity and ability to hunt crocodiles. In Mongolia, he chased down the Taimen, a man sized trout that stalks the frigid waters of the inhospitable steppe and went far into the Amazon basin where the Piraiba, a catfish that can grow to the size of five grown men, has been terrorizing locals for centuries.  River Monsters has been my favorite show since it started airing. I love the mystery in every episode and it has inspired me to take up fishing as a frequent hobby. I implore you to make it your number one priority to view as much of River Monsters as possible to catch up for the final season. This season will take Jeremy to many new exotic locations including Indonesia, Nepal and the arctic. Once you’ve finished your binge watching, catch the final season of River Monsters on Sunday April 23 at 9pm EST.

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