Peace In North Korea

On Friday, May 25, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, and South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, had a meeting for the first time in decades and have finally reached an agreement to begin to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. The removal of all nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula could also possibly lead to the United States formal declaration of the end of the Korean War which had created tension since the 1950s. Both North and South Korea have had a long-term goal of eventually ending the conflict between the two nations and Donald Trump has also been putting pressure on Kim Jong Un in an effort to convince him to shut down their nuclear program. For example, the United States has been urging North Korean allies such as China to stop aiding them until their nuclear weapons are removed. Hopefully, tensions between the North and South will be relieved enough following this agreement for both sides to withdraw their troops from the border (which is currently heavily guarded) allowing for peace to be restored. The international community will continue to watch the conflict.

-Dean Goll, Staff Writer



Photo: ABC


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